EGF Serum - Australia's best selling skin repair serum

EGF Serum
Gold Serum - 24K Drops of Youth
The best selling and most effective EGF serum in Australia.
The feeling of your dry, dehydrated and irritated skin's thirst being quenched when you treat it to a few drops our EGF serum.⁠
Aah bliss! Experience the feeling today - The best EGF serum in Australia.⁠
EGF serum helps regenerate and deeply hydrate skin.
What is EGF?
Epidermal growth factor (EGF) is a polypeptide; which is is a cell regenerating protein.
How to Use Our EGF Serum
Apply to a clean face, neck - anywhere on your body twice a day! Follow up with SPF.

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