5-in-1 RF EMS LED Light Therapy For Acne Skin Tightening

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The 5-in-1 RF EMS Electroporation LED Light Therapy For Acne Skin Tightening is a facial device that is perfect for daily facial care, skin rejuvenation and toning, wrinkle removal, anti-aging, skin renewal, removal of pimples and blemishes, reducing pore size and increasing skin elasticity. It helps the skin to absorb skin products efficiently and effectively.


1. Boost your skin's nutrients through the use of a special pulse by the double-clicked current , directly lead the skin needs nutrients into the dermal layer of the skin, so you do not have to use surgery, can nourish the skin.

2. Increase your skin's ability to absorb your skincare nutrients by 10 times through the special LED current relaxing and opening the skin cells to allow for the effecive aborption of nutriends directly into the dermal layer!

3. Improve lymphatic drainage and blood circulation with the RF current: high-frequency electrical resistance heating, effective at improving skin deep relaxation, aging wrinkles, through the current effective promote lymphatic and blood circulation, body shaping and other care.

4. Firm your skin and restore elasticity through the microwave pulse - using four levels conduction and special pulse technology, the AC generates microwaves, sparking muscle contraction, firming the skin and restoring elasticity .

5. LED phototherapy: LED phototherapy can effectively repair and healing the mirco gaps of the electroporation, needle-free mesotherapy ultra- fine skin, the skin pores and then import the wound period, calming anti-inflammatory effect.